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The Official EGoGo Guide book

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Welcome to a world of exploration,  collecting, battling and just having fun.

In this book we teach you a simple list of commands,  tricks and info about the EGo’s we will be collecting together.

In the program there is a guide,  but for full experience I highly suggest reading this while playing.


In EGoGo you need to move,  obviously, to move you can use arrow keys or you can use W to go forward,  A to go left, D to go right and S to go backwards.

Think your going to slow,  no problemo, just hold down the left shift key while holding down arrow keys/W.


Ahh,  EGo’s,  the most important thing in EGoGo,  here is a list of things to do with EGo’s as well as catching them.

Collecting EGo’s:

To Collect an EGo,  simply just touch them.

If you want,  you can touch them again to find out which key you press to send in battle with a challenger.



Type:  Stone.

Favourite target:  Stone.

Weapon:  Spike head.

Favourite ride:  Cup ride.


Type:  Nature.

Favourite target:  Stone.

Weapon:  Vine Tangle.

Favourite ride:  Roller coaster.


Type:  Fire/Water.

Favourite target:  each other.

Weapon:  Fireball/Tsunami.

Favourite ride:  Launcher.


Type:  Stone.

Favourite target:  Stone.

Weapon:  Fistballs.

Favourite ride:  Cup ride.


Type:  Robot.

Favorite target:  Nature.

Weapon:  Electric key.

Favorite ride:  Gravity Tube.


Challengers are also very important because what’s the point collecting without battling.

To battle a challenger,  just go near it and it will either challenge you or not.


In EGoGo,  buildings have a very important use,  just you read about two particular buildings that you can find in EGoGo.

Rehealing station:

The Rehealing station is located in the middle of the main island.  If you reheal your EGo’s in the big pool inside before every battle,  you will have a better chance of winning.

Fun Island:

It doesn’t look so fun for you but it’s like Disneyland for EGo’s,  for EGo’s can teleport inside the big circle as you can’t.

Inside the sphere is tones of fun to be had like roller coasters,  cup rides and more.

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Install instructions

Just download the file,  when you do,  open the zip file and start playing.



EGoGo.app.zip 45 MB